Curtis McConnell

Curtis McConnell


Curtis’ passion for Eastern wisdom and philosophy began nearly 20 years ago with the beginning of his martial arts training in GOJU- RYU, which translates to hard-soft or adaptable style. Curtis lives by this mantra and believes that every disposition is different and has needs that are totally unique. Curtis is a specialist in stress management and is a holistically trained Nutritionist in the last legs of his 1100-hour Natural Nutrition certification. He has also been helping clients for many years to achieve their fitness goals as a personal trainer, working with youth’s to seniors. He believes that our bodies, minds and spirits are craving to be united and we have our entire lives to practice and be the best people we can be. Curtis believes happiness comes from within and self-realization is gained through direct experience. Zen meditations allow for the freedom to connect with yourself in whatever way is comfortable for you, going as deeply as one may like to go. As one peels off the layers we have carried for years, a new light you emerges, the real you. Curtis offers guided Zen meditations as well as informational sessions to help you on your journey of self-discovery and bring mindfulness into your daily life. These are tools anyone can use to be more present and aware in our every day tasks. This is an invaluable tool for someone looking to regain balance in his or her life and work through any accumulated stress. As one peels off layers our true energy emerges, this is where things get fun! Ayurveda is the yogi science of life and the unique energies that make you, you! We are all made of primordial energies and our daily lives are best lived when we have a lifestyle centered on who we truly are. Curtis is proud to create lifestyle plans based on this philosophy to nail down client imbalances very quickly.


Curtis is proud to offer the following services:


Guided Meditations-singing bowls, sound healing and visualization – $15/15 Minutes (price per minute)


Detailed Nutrition/Lifestyle planning-


6 week continuing program: $275.00- Includes bi-weekly appointments post initial intake appointment, full symptomatology work up, 7 days of recipes, nutrient breakdown, important reading material, supplement recommendations, exercise recommendations with continuing guidance based on a final reassessment appointment. 


General consultation: $75.00 for breakdown of lifestyle, 7 days of recipes, Nutrient breakdown, important reading material, supplement recommendations, exercise recommendations.


Specific symptomatology work up: $175.00  This includes break down of symptoms and assessment of at risk body systems with direct planning to address these systems. This includes an initial appointment with 2 follow up appointments


As well as Lifestyle remedies to combat at risk systems.

Zen Buddhism informational sessions- $30/hour

Chakra information sessions. $30/hour

Ayurveda Dosha typing/lifestyle coaching. $50/hour


*Body weight personal/Team training training for strength or weight loss. $30/hour

*Prices are the same for single or add $5/ person for groups other than Nutrition packages*