Jun Li

Tui Na practitioner,  and Reflexology practitioner, Jun Li ( Jackie) graduated in  1997 from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) College located in Shanghai, the biggest city in China. He majored in Traditional Naprapathy - a system or method for treating disease that employs no medications but uses manipulation of muscles, joints, ligaments, etc. to stimulate the natural healing process. Subjects where he studied included Basic Science of TCM, Diagnostic of TCM, Human Anatomy, Science of Meridians and points, Fundamentals and therapeutics of Traditional Naprapathy and Infantile Naprapathy.


After graduating from the theoretical component of the college, Jun Li acquired experience at a local hospital massage clinic for one year in order to get more bedside experience. Then he worked in the massage department of the five-star Jing Jiang Hotel in Shanghi for four years, providing Tui Na massage services to many high-ranking dignitaries including senior business and political leaders of China as well as many celebrities.


After this work experience as a Tui Na Massage Practitioner, Jun Li moved to Japan where he continued this work for 8 years in a massage clinic in Tokyo. He was featured in a documentary produced by one of the largest TV channels in Japan in order to familiarize the Japanese with Tui Na.


In 2010 Jun Li moved to Canada and now resides in Charlottetown with his wife and three children.


Jun Li (Jackie) is now practicing at Health Within Holistic Centre in Charlottetown. 902-566-5009 to book a session with him.