Fascial Stretch Therapy & Myofascial Release with Brenda Dowell


I use an integrated approach to hands-on treatments for the best possible outcome of the client. I incorporate all I have learned to assist in the healing of the body. 


2 of the modalities I use are: 


Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR):


This is a hands-on, table-based, quiet, non-invasive modality that works in partnership with the client. We work to release restrictions in the body to eliminate pain & restore fuller range of motion.  This is a table-based therapy in the John F. Barnes tradition.


Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST):


This is a table-based, facilitated stretching system for the entire body.  We use assisted stretching, decompression of the joints, rocking & traction to work the fascia (connective tissue) & muscles of the body. This optimizes range of movement. 

Benefits can include: Reduced pain and tightness; Improved posture; Greater flexibility & ease of movement; Decreased stress & tension; Improved energy level; Better balance and body awareness.