Reflexology is a focused pressure technique applied to the hands and feet. There are reflexes and zones that are relative to and related to every organ, gland and part of the entire body. When a reflex is stimulated it sends up your own natural electrical energy through your nervous system clearing any energy blockages.

This helps the body to relax, release stress and enhance circulation.

A typical treatment would start with you sitting relaxing in a zero gravity chair and your feet are soaked in warm herbal salt water bath, then the practitioner starts the reflexology procedure. It is a very calm, relaxing treatment that lasts about 30 minute per foot.

Completing the treatment is an oil application on your calves and feet!

Why to try Reflexology?

A lot of people don't realize that they can impact the state of their health by simply having their feet massaged. There are pressure points in the feet that correspond to various parts of the body, and rubbing them in a certain way will help to ease other symptoms throughout the body. 


You will enjoy some much needed relaxation

just think about how relaxing a nice foot massage feels after a long hard day at work, especially if you have been working on your feet all day. Foot reflexology helps people relax and it helps fight stress or fatigue.


You may sleep better It can help you have a deeper sleep and get to sleep faster it increases circulation and relaxes your nervous system.


You can get rid of aches and pains Gout can be treated as well as migraines, headaches, back discomfort and neck discomfort. Massaging the toes and joints help relieve neck pain. Massaging ankles can help the ankle and the head, low back pain can be affected by massaging the Achilles tendon, massaging the arch of your foot can help with upper back tension.


Circulation and energy can improve If you work all day at a job sitting it affects circulation. It can seem draining. Wearing tight shoes can also impact your feet.but having a reflexology appointment helps to begin to change that. The oxygen is carried to all the cells of the body. Having regular massages on the feet can contribute to prevention of varicose veins.