Anne-Marie Rolfe

After a two week vacation to PEI in 2013, Rick and Anne-Marie felt called to the Island, so they sold their home in Brockville, On., and relocated here in December of 2013.  She unpacked her yoga mat and began practicing yoga. Spirit continued to whisper ‘there is something more’ and so at the age of 47 Anne-Marie enrolled and completed her yoga teacher training with Maritime Yoga College.  This sparked a blessed career change. Packing up her years of experience in non-profit management, victim services and training she now brings all of her knowledge, skills and experience to her role as a Yoga Instructor. She loves to teach and shares that enthusiasm with her students, inviting everyone to explore the lighter side of yoga.  She teaches laughter yoga, chair yoga, healing with yoga (trauma sensitive yoga) and classical hatha yoga.


Anne-Marie Rolfe and Reiki.


Anne-Marie Rolfe’s journey to learn, understand and integrate spiritual principles in her life began in 1998 when she became aware that negative emotions were overwhelming her enjoyment of life.


With this awareness a new quest began to find a path richer in texture, flavour and happiness. Her formal education (B.A. Psychology & History) led to the study of psychological principles related to the connection of mind and emotions.  Spirit continued to say…there is something more.  Committed to her path, Anne-Marie began a self-study program related to the ways of the spirit.


Deeply interested in Shamanic healing she resonated with Hawaiian Huna Philosophy.  She studied and integrated the 7 Huna Principles into her life.  A trip to Kauai, HI solidified her resonance with the Spirit of that island.  Continuing her shamanic journey she received her certificate of Shamanic Counselling in 2002 with Michael and Sandra Harner (  Her work transformed into a combination of Shamanic healing/Reiki with the use of crystals and gemstones in December 2014.  She is a Reiki Master in both the Usui Teate/Gendai Reiki Ho and Reiki/Usui Shiki Ryoho.  As a Reiki Master, Anne-Marie leads Reiki Practice an opportunity to continue your reiki work in a community of practice.  She also offers workshops to help empower and strengthen your direct connection to your Spirit.


Anne-Marie brings all of her wisdom, intuitive gifts and connection to Guides and Teachers (in non-ordinary reality) for the highest and best good of her clients.  “My work is about facilitating your direct connection to Spirit.  I will meet you where you are and guide you as you go.”  - Anne-Marie Rolfe


Anne-Marie Rolfe, M.Ed, RYT-200


Phone: (902) 314-3738