Ruth Richman

Ruth Richman – Yoga Ink

Ruth Richman began practicing Yoga in the late 1960’s with books on asana and meditation. In 1980, on PEI, she started teaching Yoga at the local community school as a volunteer. This ended up being a twenty-year, 2 to 4 times a week, commitment.


In 2000, Ruth started Yoga Ink a full time traveling Yoga Shala with year round classes in two to five PEI communities.  Four styles of Yoga are offered: Astanga, Kundalini, Yin, and Hatha. Yoga Ink is a registered Yoga School, with 220 and 550 hour Yoga Teacher Training programs. Ruth leads Saturday morning workshops in fall and winter in PEI and Moncton; and several times a year hosts workshops with internationally respected guest instructors including Doug Keller (Yoga Therapy), and Biff Mithoefer (Yin Yoga).  She also practices Yoga Therapy in private sessions; leads special group classes and presentations; and has volunteered Yoga Therapy work with the Parkinson’s Association and the Arthritis Society. 


Ruth received her 500 hour Yoga Teacher Certification in Astanga Yoga from Beryl Bender Birch of The Hard and The Soft Astanga Yoga Institute of New York. She has over 1000 hours with Beryl Birch and last studied with her for a week June 2014 at the Omega Institute in New York State.  


She also has three other Yoga Training certificates: 200 hours in Hatha Yoga from Mary Beth Nehl, Yoga Loft, Willmar, Minnesota; 225 hours in Kundalini Yoga in the style of Yogi Bhajan, from Shakta Kaur, Chicago, Illinois; and 100 + hours of Yin Yoga with Biff Mithoefer, Dorset, Vermont. Yoga Alliance recognizes her as an Experienced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT500) and also a RYS200 and 500.


Ruth loves to teach and also loves being a student on the mat.  Self Study, workshops and trainings keep her teachings up to date and fresh. Ruth has studied Astanga with David Swenson (100 hours); Yoga Therapy with Doug Keller (over 200 hours); Yoga Therapy with Glenn Black (30 hours); Breathwalk with Shakta Kaur; Parts 1 and 2 (of 5) for Level 2 of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Espanola, New Mexico; ChildPlay with Gurudass Kaur Khalsa; and has attended an assortment of workshops including David Williams, Tim Miller, Sama Fabian; plus teachers in the Maritimes, Minnesota, and New York. In 2015 she will study Yoga Therapy with Doug Keller (PEI workshop); and another Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Biff Mithoefer (she is hosting and assisting at this in the Maritimes).  




Yoga Bio of Atmabir Kaur (Ruth Richman)

Atmabir Kaur (Ruth Richman) began practicing Yoga in the late 1960’s and has continued her studies of different styles and meditation ever since.  She has been teaching Yoga for over thirty years and also teaches Yoga Teacher Training, and has a private practice of Yoga Therapy and Yoga for You!

Although Kundalini Yoga is a fairly new addition to her life Artmabir Kaur felt like she had come home with the first kriya and meditation she was introduced to.  She is very excited about working with people to find the right fit of sadhana and person and to watch the changes that transpire.

The addition of a daily sdahana to her own life has changed her in many deep ways.  “I am forever grateful for the way the Universe works – that it put my Kundalini teacher Shakta Kaur and me in the same place at the same time is truly wonderful, and that I was open to all the gifts and lessons that Kundalini Yoga could bring me”


Ruth is currently offering:


Astanga ~ Astanga Yoga is a set of postures that is called Yoga Chikita or Yoga Therapy.  The Series of postures of the primary series help to extend the spine and open the heart. The Intermediate or Second Series opens the hips.  Once a month or so the class is a flow fuelled by Ujjayi breath.  The other weeks the class is workshop style, demystifying the postures so all can find their place in them and to help get further into the practice.


Kundalini ~ Kundalini Yoga stirs you up!  It is fun, full of breath work, is always different.  It combines chanting, meditation, physical effort, relaxation with the gong, and breathing in an effective way to reach your True Self and heal the body and mind. The class ends with yogi tea, small treats, and conversation.


Ruth's Blend Yoga ~ About half the class is a mix of slow moving flows, detailed instructions, and learning new postures with an emphasis on using the lift of the heart centre to activate the core and move you lightly through the practice.  The second half is Yin Yoga with it's emphasis on long holds, no muscle effort, true acceptance of yourself and where you are in your body. Savasna or relaxation ends the class.


Ruth's Basics Yoga ~ The postures of yoga all have a starting place and all have a 'core'. This basic information is necessary to really understand a posture with and in your body.  Whether you are standing tall or moving into twists or bending over, the line of the body needs to move in a sequence for comfort and power. This class is great for beginners and experienced practitioners.