Yoga Classes

Many yoga styles and teachers:



Kundalini ~ Ruth Ricman ~ Kundalini Yoga stirs you up!  It is fun, full of breath work, is always different.  It combines chanting, meditation, physical effort, relaxation with the gong, and breathing in an effective way to reach your True Self and heal the body and mind. The class ends with yogi tea, small treats, and conversation.


Ruth's Blend Yoga ~ Ruth Richman ~ About half the class is a mix of slow moving flows, detailed instructions, and learning new postures with an emphasis on using the lift of the heart centre to activate the core and move you lightly through the practice.  The second half is Yin Yoga with it's emphasis on long holds, no muscle effort, true acceptance of yourself and where you are in your body. Savasna or relaxation ends the class.


Chair Yoga ~ Judy Archibald ~ Great for all ages. Pre surgery, post surgery, arthritis and knee challenges are all reasons to attend this class. Anyone having challenges with getting up and down from the floor. This class is done in a chair. We begin with a guided meditation and breath focusing then move into our chair postures. Some standing postures are included as well as some acupuncture point self massage to enhance memory and digestion etc. Some strengthening exercises. There are modifications available to help everyone feel like they are part of the class.


Hatha ~ Megan Macdonald ~ Hatha Yoga for all Levels - Breath and body unite in this meditative flow of asanas (postures) with a focus on the breath. This style stretches and strengthens, promotes flexibility and brings awareness to the entire body. You will be guided through a combination of standing, seated and lying postures to develop balance, and align the bones, muscles and deep tissues in the body. This practice is available to all levels and abilities in yoga. Focusing on the breath helps to still the mind, reduce stress and anxiety and foster concentration.


Restorative ~ Megan Macdonald ~ This is a gentle practice to help restore energy to tired bodies and minds. Restorative yoga is a form of "active relaxation" as the poses are held from anywhere between 5-15 minutes to allow the body to fully let go of tension. We use props extensively to relieve pressure points and support the entire body. This is great for anyone who needs to unwind from life's daily stresses, for people who are new to yoga, or who have had an injury and are looking to start up their yoga practice again. (Only room for 6 students per class.)







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