Yoga Classes

Many yoga styles and teachers:



Kundalini ~Denise Arsenault ~ Kundalini Yoga stirs you up!  It is fun, full of breath work, is always different.  It combines chanting, meditation, physical effort, relaxation with the gong, and breathing in an effective way to reach your True Self and heal the body and mind. The class ends with yogi tea, small treats, and conversation.


Chair Yoga ~ Judy Archibald ~ Great for all ages. Pre surgery, post surgery, arthritis and knee challenges are all reasons to attend this class. Anyone having challenges with getting up and down from the floor. This class is done in a chair. We begin with a guided meditation and breath focusing then move into our chair postures. Some standing postures are included as well as some acupuncture point self massage to enhance memory and digestion etc. Some strengthening exercises. There are modifications available to help everyone feel like they are part of the class.








Please visit our EVENTS CALENDAR for details about the time of each of the classes!